A Service That Delivers Home-Cooked Meals

Getting delivery food can be great fun, but how many times can one person eat the same burrito or pad Thai?  Sometimes you want something home cooked but not necessarily from a restaurant. Cooking yourself is a great idea, but what if you only know how to make a couple things. A bizarre web service aims to help out in that regard.

It's called MealKu and, sure, it has one of those Internet start-up names that makes no sense but it's still a pretty cool idea. Essentially, it's an aggregate that allows you to order delivery food from home cooks in your area. That would be weird enough on its own, but the whole thing also seeks to be a self-sustaining economy, with every morsel costing "Ku." These "Ku" are earned by doing various things on the site. Although a monthly membership does cost one dollar. Internet servers do not accept "Ku" yet.

This site may have bitten off more than it can Ku (see what I did there) but once they start serving up stuff like my Aunt's famous chicken fricassee, I'll do whatever it takes to earn some fake money.


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