Today in Food Tech: Mold-Detecting Bowl and the Ultimate Beverage Dispenser

Each and every day the modern kitchen is moving further and further away from the kitchens of yesteryear. Technology is spearheading this change. After all, the microwaves of yesterday are the Twitter-enabled refrigerators of today. Here are a couple of neat food-based gadgets that will take your kitchen into the 21st century and beyond.

First up, a fruit bowl that detects mold. The bane of every fruit lover's existence is, of course, fruit flies mold. Thanks to this ingenious bowl designed by Jagjit Choda, mold could be a thing of the past. It is equipped with sensors that track ethylene levels, which is a gas emitted by fruit as it ripens. The bowl lights up when it is time to eat the fruit or suffer the moldy consequences.

Next, a beverage dispenser that has everything you'd ever want and more. The confusingly capitalized SPRiZZi lets you make homemade sodas from home. It also comes with an ice and water dispenser if your fridge missed out on those innovations. The good news? All of this carbonated wonderment can be had with just the push of one button.The bad news? It costs around $250.


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