Extreme Eats: Beef and Poutine Pizza

The majestic and faraway land of Canada is home to many a magical thing: moose, Neil Young and, of course, poutine. Poutine, to the uninitiated, is a heavenly mixture of French fries, gravy and cheese curd. Now it's on a pizza.

Pizza Hut Canada has just unveiled something they are calling the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza. The name suits the pie here, as it features cheese, beef and poutine. Yes, that means it comes topped with a layer of French fries. File this one under "special occasions only."

This poutine pie is part of a series of menu items celebrating Canada's cultural diversity. Also on the docket? Pizzas that feature butter chicken, maple bacon and, for absolutely no reason at all, they are all offering a grilled chicken club pie. I guess that's, uh, sort of Canadian.


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