Pizza Hut Sweden Offers a Somewhat Healthy "Pizza Sun"

Fan's of Pizza Hut in America may be used to cheese shoved in every crevice possible on a pizza. Sweden's Pizza Hut is taking a different approach. Their new, and strangely named, Pizza Sun is almost sorta healthy. The sun in the name refers to a giant hole in the middle of the pizza, where a big bowl of salad is placed. In addition to the greens, the 'za is also topped with solar-approved items. These toppings include sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant and, of course, chickens raised on the distant sun of Eta Carinae. Actually, they are just regular chickens.

For those not planning on visiting Sweden (or don't care for Pizza Hut even if they are), here's Bobby Deen's delicious lightened-up version of pizza you can make at home.

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