Today in Food Tech: Wine-Infused Popcorn and Mess-Repellant Spray

Once, not so long ago, there was a time when we had to eat regular popcorn and try our darnedest not to spill spaghetti sauce all over us. Now, thanks to the magic of technology, those days are gone like the culinary wind. Here is some cool food tech.

First up, something snacky. For too long popcorn has remained stubbornly free of wine. Now, thank goodness, NYC's Populence has teamed up with wine maker Kim Crawford to create two grape-heavy popcorn flavors. Each flavor also has a suggested wine pairing, which tells me you can't get drunk on popcorn alone. Drat.

Next, slobs of the world unite and take over. There is now a spray that allows us to eat as slovenly as we darn well please.  Rust-Oleum’s NeverWet spray turns your clothes into magical mess-repelling cloaks of wonderment. Of course, the food goo will now slide right off of you and hit the floor so you are gonna have to invest in a better mop. (see it in action after the jump.)


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