A Watch That is Also a Breathalyzer

Summer barbecues mean lots of food. They also, usually, mean lots of booze. When it comes time to make your 'graceful' exit, how will you know if you are fit to get behind the wheel of an automobile? It's not like there's a watch that you can blow into to find out how drunk you are. Wait, there is now exactly that.

Introducing the Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated watch. This aptly named timepiece contains a bona fide breathalyzer just like the ones used on television's Cops. You blow into it and it will let you know, via a variety of colors, just how hammered you are. It even comes packed with some reflex-testing games. Now you can experience the fun of trying to walk in a straight line as an officer shines a flashlight at you from home!

The watch is available now for $99, but Tokyoflash insists that price is a limited time only affair. You could also just take it easy on the brewskis and save a hundred bucks.


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