Alie and Georgia on Why You Should Visit Marfa, Texas

When we list the six locations we chose to visit for our first season of Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia, we always get the same few question:

  1. “Which was your favorite location?”
  2. What was Alaska like??”
  3. “Marfa??? Where the F is Marfa?”
The answers to those questions are:
  1. Miami for Georgia/Alaska for Alie
  2. Freaking beautiful
  3. Texas

It’s the last of those questions that we’re tackling today, as on the last episode of Tripping Out, we we visited that weird and wonderful town of Marfa, TX. We chose Marfa because it was just so off the beaten path we were sure to have a memorable time. And we did!

Marfa has been an artist’s enclave for years, started when minimalist artist Donald Judd moved to the tiny town from New York City. Now the town is awash with burgeoning and established artists and creative-types, all doing something unique and interesting.

Here’s where we visited in our short but busy stay:
El Cosmico

We fulfilled Georgia’s dream of staying in a vintage mobile home and Alie’s of sleeping in a teepee by staying the night in El Cosmico, which offers lodgers both. We also feasted on a breakfast fit for a cowboy.


This is a local watering hole with amazing burgers and margaritas, and started by three partners (one of whom is a priest). Hence the name. A favorite for locals, Padre's is pet- and kid-friendly, despite the fact that it’s located in a former funeral home. They also feature live music at night.

Museum of Electronic Wonders & Latenight Grilled Cheese Parlour
This is a pop-up late-night grilled cheese restaurant in a vintage television showroom. Need we say more? Okay, how about Brussels sprouts on grilled cheese?
Marfa Roller Derby

Georgia attempted to overcome her fear of roller skating, while Alie struggled to pick the perfect roller derby name. Spoiler alert: Georgia failed, Alie succeeded. But you’ll have to tune in to find out our roller derby names.

Food Shark

This food truck features Mediterranean food by way of West Texas.  It’s a much-loved local favorite and a must stop.

The Marfa Lights
The Marfa Lights have been mystifying people for over a century.  A totally unexplained natural phenomenon, the randomly occurring light show is visible on clear nights. Did Alie & Georgia get a peek? Did either one of them freak out??
Marfa Prada Store

This installation about a half-hour outside of Marfa is a complete (fake) Prada storefront in the middle of nowhere. So wacky. So Marfa.

Marfa, TX has something interesting and fun around every corner. We crammed so much into our short visit, but we could have spent another week there and still not been bored. It’s said to be the new Austin, but we think it’s so much more than that. Marfa is a town unlike any we’ve ever visited.

Tune in to Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia every Friday at 10:30pm ET.

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