Alie & Georgia’s Alaska Travel Guide

Aaaaaah!laska. That’s what you’ll say when you get off the plane, partly because the airport has taxidermied albino beavers and snarling wolves next to the baggage carousel, and partly because it’s quite possibly the most gorgeous place in the United States. Either way, this vast pioneer expanse of northern U.S. territory will have you making sounds you haven’t made before.

We chose Homer as our destination because we’d heard it was small, quaint. Also, it’s home to mariners and farmers and rough, beardy frontiersmen. The man:woman ratio in Alaska is said to be 107:1, but like they say up there: “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.” Watch tonight's episode of Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia to see if that’s true.

In the Alaska episode, you’ll also see:

Dog Sledding: Twelve dogs pulling Alie, Georgia and their kickass guide over the snowy hills. Truly one of the most exhilarating things we’ve ever done, and we’ve done some dicey, scary things. Dog sledding was better than all of them.

Mermaid Cafe: We hit this place for huge rockfish sandwiches eaten al fresco. Because when it’s 43 degrees outside, Alaskans dine on the patio in short sleeves.

Two Sisters Bakery: Chocolate mousse mooses, pull-apart donuts (to help insulate us from the cold) and moose pie pockets. Yes, we ate moose.

The Salty Dawg Saloon: Homer, Alaska calls itself a “Drinking town with a fishing problem” and we hit the local, dark, divey watering hole to drink amongst the locals and sass them back. Trust us, there was sassing.

Tiny Airplanes (see above): Ever ride in a  plane smaller than your car? Ever ponder who would weep at your funeral if you crashed into a glacier? We did.

Halibut Fishing: We take a boat trip into the Alaska bay waters and see bald eagles, otters and maybe some halibut. Did we catch any? You’ll have to watch. Did one of us get really seasick? You’ll have to watch. ( Yes-cough-Georgia)

Tune in tonight and watch us conquer the wilderness. Oh, and we’ll be live Tweeting all the behind-the-scenes secrets at 7:30pm Pacific/10:30pm Eastern at @alieandgeorgia. Tune in, log on and ask us questions!

And watch out for bears. Just sayin’.

Tripping Out,
Alie & Georgia

Watch Tripping Out with Alie and Georgia “Alaska” tonight at 10:30pm ET on Cooking Channel.

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