Today in Food Tech: Bag For Your Baguette and a One-Handed Bottle Opener

When Prometheus, that feisty nitwit, gifted us fire, he gave us more than just the ability to make bacon crispy. He gave us the beginnings of food technology. Prometheus may have been chained to a mountain and continuously eaten by ravenous vultures, but his gift to us continues to grow. Here is some cool, new food tech.

First up, a bag for your baguette. This cotton baguette-shaped bag is perfect for hiding baguettes. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much the only thing you can put in there since they are basically the only thing that fits. Never again shall the baguette remain unsheathed, sticking out precariously of a French grocery bag. You can preorder one for around 40 bucks.

Next, a one-handed bottle opener that is actually easy to use. The confusingly named GrOpener lets you pop the top off of your favorite beverage with ease. Finally, your second hand can be reserved for what mother nature intended: wildly gesticulating. You can pick one up for $16. (video after the jump.)


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