British Couple to Wed in McDonald's

Ah, the beauty of a well-planned wedding ceremony. There's the flying rice, the little girl holding the ring and the occasional dog dressed up fancy. The after-party usually consists of a DJ playing We Are Family as attendees gorge on culinary delights. Very rarely do these delights consist of Quarter Pounders and fries. The wedding of this frugal British couple, however, will be that exception.

Steven Asher and Emily Marshall, of Bristol, are tying the knot underneath the golden arches. These two fast food fans are pulling out all of the McStops, arriving at the restaurant in a stretched limo and giving guests all the chicken nuggets they can eat. A VIP area will be cordoned off for the couple and their 40 guests. There has been no word on if Grimace and the Hamburglar will be joining the festivities.

This isn't the first chain restaurant that has hosted a wedding. A Denny's in Las Vegas is actually a registered wedding chapel.

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