Savory Scoops: Celebrate Creative Ice Cream Today

By: Amanda Marsteller

Happy Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day! If this edible occasion is news to you, make up for all the years that you’ve been missing out by amping up your ice cream intake today. Most importantly, today’s the day to seek out the most imaginative flavors beyond the old faithful duo of vanilla and chocolate. Unusual add-ins, often of the meaty persuasion, are popping up at ice cream parlors all over the country and include odd but inventive combinations like chorizo caramel, nova lox and berry barbecue. With such protein-packed flavors available, you could probably substitute ice cream for every meal today and feel satisfied. (I know I would.) To encourage your own creamy creativity at home, here are a few ice cream recipes to start your new favorite holiday off right: with a cone stacked high full of weird and wild scoops.

Trail Mix Ice Cream (pictured above)

Ice cream and camping don't usually bunk together, but this trail mix-studded frozen concoction is the exception. Riddled with nuts, chocolate candies and raisins, this cone is equipped to hit the trails (at least in spirit).

This fresh and bright flavor combo is swirled with the exotic scents of turmeric, paprika and coriander and studded with white chocolate chips, which offer sweet relief from the savory spices.

Crumbled goat cheese adds a tangible tang to this smooth spoonful, which is best served with macerated peaches as a sweet counterpart. Fancy it up further with a bourbon and basil coulis on top and that goat might just get a little tippled.

Craving another cool batch of strangely delicious licks? Check out Cooking Channel’s most unique ice cream recipes before they melt.

95 degrees again? Ice cream for lunch it is. Ride the heat wave with even more wacky flavor ideas and frozen tips:

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