G. Garvin's Las Vegas Travel Tips

By: G. Garvin

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Vegas is all about go big or go home. People imagine a crazy party on the strip, but it’s so much more than that. The culinary scene both in the resorts and off the beaten path can’t be missed. I had a great time seeing different sides to Vegas, and I encourage you all to do the same. Spend a day exploring outside of the strip and see why so many call it home.

Hash House a go go

I had a great time at Hash House a go go. The Twisted Farm Food concept brings big ideas and portions to the table. This place screams Vegas with the insane dishes and amazing presentations. It’s the perfect vacation spot where you’ll definitely bring some food home.

Sandy Valley Ranch

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a place like this would be so close to Las Vegas. The team at Sandy Valley does an incredible job at taking guests back in time. I worked like a cowboy, I ate like a cowboy, and I completely forgot we were just an hour away from Vegas.

Pink Box Doughnuts

Pink Box Doughnuts is home to some of the best gourmet doughnuts I’ve ever had. The Fat Elvis really showcases Las Vegas with its big flavors, reminiscent of the King himself. The locals are lucky to have a doughnut spot like this to visit before work.

Russo’s Pizza Kitchen

In the event that you’re craving some New York-style pizza in Vegas, look no further than Russo’s Pizza Kitchen. This place has all of the classic Italian dishes, and kids can even make their own pizza, from kneading the dough to picking the toppings. It’s a truly authentic experience not too far from the strip.


Mundo is a sexy, upscale spot in downtown Vegas. If you’re on vacation with someone you’re looking to impress, take a cab to the World Market Center. At Mundo they keep the glamour of Vegas with their chic decor and fancy plating, but the flavors are all Latin.

Sweet Addiction

Let’s face it — it gets hot in Las Vegas, especially on the strip. Sweet Addiction offers the best way to cool down and satisfy your sweet tooth: cookies and ice cream. You’ll never look at an ice cream sandwich the same way again. The combinations are endless, so you’re bound to find something to beat the heat.

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