High Speed Sushi

When you think of conveyer belt sushi, you think of it slowly passing by as you have plenty of time to decide if you have room in your innards for yet another spicy tuna roll. However, that is not always the case.  One Japanese sushi chain now features high speed sushi which races by you like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Popular sushi chain Uobei has branches all over Japan, however their Shibuya outpost is the only one that races sushi out to you using a high speed rail system. Here's how it works: You order using an Android-based tablet and in seconds flat, that raw fish comes hurtling down the highway like a trucker on speed. When you are done, you send the empty dishes back using the same ultra-quick system.

Japanese media has timed the system as taking just one minute to prepare and a whopping eight seconds to travel to your seat. That makes our version of fast food seem quaint.

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