Japan Unleashes Gruesome Milkshake Based on Popular Horror Movie

When we think of milkshakes, our minds usually wander to happy days in simpler times. Our parents in the front seat as we languish in the backseat surrounded by burgers and fries. We don't, however, tend to think about horror movies. This is set to change if Japanese burger chain Lotteria has anything to say about it.

They've just introduced a milkshake inspired by popular horror flick The Ring. This would be, of course, their The Ring and not our Naomi Watts-infused The Ring. What's in this horrific ice cream concoction? Well, lemonade-flavored ice cream(?!) and blue dye make up the base of the shake. On top rests drizzled chocolate "hair" to complete the recreation of ghostly killer Sadako.

Even odder, it seems Japan's Ministry of the Environment is also behind the milkshake. Why can't other governments create tasty treats based on horror movie villains?! Maybe the EPA can make a Freddy Krueger cupcake.


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