Make Your Children Cry With this 'Kitchen Safe' Cookie Jar

Ah, to be young again. The innocence of a child, reaching their untainted hands into a cookie jar, pulling out a few cookies and then crumbling them into a bowl with milk and eating them like cereal. Is there anything more pure? Wait, that actually sounds horribly unhealthy. Kids shouldn't do that. Thankfully, now there is a safe that will stop them in their sugar-fiending little tracks.

The Kitchen Safe cookie jar is exactly what it sounds like, a cookie jar that doubles as a safe. Once you set the timer, the lid seals shut and will not open until said timer has expired. Now you can take drastic measures to ensure your kids do not spoil their dinners! Oh yeah. You can also use it yourself if you are on one of those diets people keep talking about.

This cruel cookie-witholding invention is not yet available for purchase but the designer has taken to Kickstarter to make sure it starts terrorizing kitchens everywhere. You can put in a preorder for $29.

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