LeftoverSwap is a New App That Lets You Share Your Half-eaten Food

Have you ever cooked something so great that you wished everyone could taste it? Do you experience great joy in giving half-eaten plates of food to strangers? Then boy do we have the iPhone app for you. Introducing LeftoverSwap, which is exactly what it sounds like.

LeftoverSwap lets you swap leftovers with hungry strangers. It's a donation-based model so you don't get paid for your efforts, but you do get the satisfaction of some random dude eating a bowl of your famous chicken cacciatore. In all seriousness, this app seems like it could be a good way to cut down on food-related waste, even if it makes you interact with random people.

Don't put a bow on your casserole dish just yet, though. The app doesn't launch until the end of August.

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