McDonald's Japan's $10 Quarter Pounder

When you think of fast food, particularly McDonald's, you don't tend to think of spending more than $6 or $7 for a meal. After all, it's supposed to be both convenient and cheap. If you are going to damage your precious bodies with carbs and saturated fats, you want to make sure that your wallets remain safe. Japan, on the other hand, had a different take.

McDonald's Japan just released the "Gold Ring" Quarter Pounder. This $10 burger, which was inexplicably inspired by jewelry, came topped with two large-cut bacon slices, pineapple and cheese. It also came packed in a commemorative gift bag, along with a gold ribbon and a "fact sheet."

Unfortunately for you pineapple fans out there, this bizarre Quarter Pounder was only available for one day, this past Saturday. Now, like the elusive $10 McRib that is topped with faery dust and melted crayon, it will forever reside in our imaginations.

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