Museum of Food and Drink Seeks to Raise Funds for First Exhibit

It's amazing to think that a museum dedicated to what we put in our bodies doesn't already exist. After all, we spend a good chunk of our lives thinking of what to eat and then, well, eating it. It's 2013 and finally there is a culinary museum in our horizon. Introducing NYC's forthcoming Museum of Food and Drink.

Dave Arnold, a food scientist of some renowned, has been hard at work bringing MOFAD to life. The inaugural exhibit is planned to be a tell-all on the rise of breakfast cereal in the American consciousness. Arnold plans to outfit the exhibit with a gigantic puffing gun similar to the models used by Kellogg's at the turn of the 20th century.

The only problem? Massive puffing guns that haven't been seen on this earth in a century cost a lot of money. The museum's creators have taken to Kickstarter to help raise funds to make the cereal exhibit a reality.

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