New Website Emulates the Sounds of a Coffee Shop

According to some studies, a fair amount of ambient noise is actually great for getting work done. This explains why people flock to coffee shops in order to stare at their computers all day. However, office and home dwellers don't have that luxury. Or do they?!

They do. Introducing Coffitivity, the useful website with the barely pronounceable name. The site is simple. It streams the sounds of a bustling coffee shop through your computer speakers so you can pretend your cat is a snooty barista and the sounds of your roommate in the bathroom are actually a hot new song by the coolest band ever.

You can also test the theory that ambient noise is good for workflow. However, if you want to eat an overpriced scone you'll have to make it yourself and then charge yourself for it which could get confusing. It's only PC-based for now but an iPhone app is coming soon.

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