Summer Fest: Savory Watermelon Recipes

By: Cameron Curtis
Watermelon gazpacho recipe


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Photo by: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Matt Armendariz, 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

This market selection is going to require some heavy lifting. Watermelons are 92% water and that's where most of their weight comes from. Before flexing your muscles, look for a firm, symmetrical fruit that has as few cuts, dents or bruises as possible. And while simply slicing up your melon and eating it straight from the rind is one of the staple desserts of summer, watermelon is a great option for savory recipes as well.

1. Watermelon Gazpacho (pictured above)

Tyler's cold soup is all made in one blender. Puree a large ripe tomato with one serrano chile and cubed fresh watermelon. Add onion, red wine vinegar, cucumber and fresh dill. Pour into chilled bowls and sprinkle with dill, feta and chunks of fresh watermelon.

With similar summer flavors t Tyler's soup, this salad is filled with colorful, in season ingredients. Seedless watermelon and heirloom tomatoes are tossed with fresh mint, feta cheese and a homemade honey-balsamic glaze. Don't be afraid to salt to taste.

Turn seedless watermelon into a spicy summer salsa that's perfect for serving with a grilled pork loin. Chopped, seedless watermelon is combined with cucumbers, scallions, garlic and jalapenos as well as lime zest and juice.

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