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If you’re spending a long, lovely day on the beach, you’re bound to get hungry and thirsty. Rather than wasting money and calories on the less-than-stellar boardwalk fare, why not pack a cooler of goodies to keep you refreshed all day long? Here are some beach-worthy picks to keep you company at the ocean:

Raw veggies: Munch on raw veggies for a satisfying crunch and extra hydration. Cucumber coins, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas are great on their own or with a dip like hummus or tzatziki.

Smoothies: Baking in the hot sun all day can leave you thirsty. Bring a big water bottle, but also think about packing drinks that double as snacks or meals, such as smoothies. Pack a smoothie in an insulated to-go cup, then give it a good shake before drinking at the beach.

Wraps: You want to be able to eat with your hands — plates and forks just don’t work at the beach — so wraps are the perfect sandwich food to eat oceanside.

Raw fruit: Fruit is great to bring to the beach because it satisfies your sweet tooth and helps keep you hydrated. Prepare it ahead of time so it’s easy to eat. Try watermelon wedges, peach slices, grapes or, if you’re feeling fancy, fruit kebabs.

Chips: Something about the ocean just makes crunchy, salty snacks sooo satisfying. Get your chip fix with these healthy homemade versions.

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