California Breeding Program Creates Grapes That Taste Like Cotton Candy and More

Out there in sunny California, there is an ambitious produce breeding program underway called International Fruit Genetics. With a name like that you'd expect GMOs as far as the eye could see. However, most of the work done by IFG uses simple cross pollination and other tried and true techniques. The stuff they come up with is far from tried and true though.

IFG's main export is grapes. Everyone's favorite fruit to eat while they are being fanned by Roman servants has received a series of bizarre makeovers under IFG's expert care. Want to eat grapes that taste just like cotton candy? You can do that. Have a hankering to chomp down on some grapes that look suspiciously like fingers? You can do that too. They even come in a variety of colors. Cool!

Some of their grape varieties have begun popping up at high end grocery stores around the country, so check that one store you've deemed "way too expensive to shop in."


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