Dean and Tori Know How to Throw a Summer Party

By: Kelsey Vala
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There are few better ways to celebrate the height of watermelon season and those perfectly ripe peaches at the market than by highlighting real farm-to-table eating. Dean McDermott’s advice for planning a delicious menu is, “Buy vegetables with dirt on them, because that tells you how fresh they are.” For a lesson in hosting a beautiful backyard dinner party, tune in Friday, August 23, at 8pm ET for the Cooking Channel special, Dean and Tori’s Backyard Bash.

When Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling go with their four children to Underwood Family Farms, they are inspired by the pick-your-own strawberries they gather in the field and the colorful produce that lines the market shelves.  From blush-hued peaches to plump watermelon, Dean grabs what inspires him and begins creating a menu.

Soon, the whole family is working together to pull off an outdoor dinner party. While Dean preps his menu with the help of the kids, his wife Tori is in charge of the décor and homemade gifts. With a keen eye for style and a real DIY spirit, Tori begins decorating with colors she saw at the farmer’s market.

Dean showcases his culinary skills for their friends who have gathered to join in the warm-weather festivities. From Fava Bean and Goat Cheese Crostini to Jalapeno-Infused Watermelon, Dean’s menu is simple, summery and chock-full of the season’s best produce.

Tune into Dean and Tori’s Backyard Bash on Friday, August 23, at 8pm ET for inspiration on how to throw your own summery, farm-to-table feast.


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