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By: G. Garvin

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Philly gets a lot of flack for “not being as good as New York,” but it’s unique and special. Philadelphia has a lot of history and character and it shouldn’t be counted out in your search for a great vacation city. It’s filled with interesting treasures like the Magic Gardens: an artistic outdoor gallery made up of mosaic art by Isaiah Zagar.


Owner and chef Mitch Prensky has taken all of his great experiences and his background and applied them to his cozy but sophisticated restaurant. His red velvet waffles, made on an old hand-me-down waffle iron with naturally red Dutch cocoa and a luscious compote, sum up Supper: It’s simple, thoughtful, flavorful and loved by all.

Caribbean Feast

I’m a fan of some slow-cooked oxtails. I heard that this was the place to go and it certainly did not disappoint. Caribbean Feast is the perfect little place to find some truly authentic Jamaican fare. You can’t go wrong with the oxtails or the jerk chicken. They even have vegan options.

Cookie Confidential

Cookie Confidential is back on South Street, within walking distance of Supper. Melissa is doing her thing with her savory desserts, especially her Philly Cheese Steak Cookie. I also loved her “Undercover Cupcakes” because the cupcake in a jar concept is brand-new and keeps them moist. It also makes a great gift because it’s so easy to ship.


I really enjoy Warmdaddy’s because it offers the full spectrum: live music, soulful entrees, warm cornbread served in a skillet and amazing desserts. It’s the perfect space to bring a family, kids, a date or the guys. Chef Ben really knows what it takes to run a great restaurant.

Wedge + Fig

Wedge + Fig’s approach is all about simplicity but with amazing ingredients. It’s a nice and cozy spot that’s great for lunch. They offer a grilled cheese bar, macaroni and cheese, and pot pies. It’s the perfect place for kids and adults that eat like kids.


In case you happen to crave Creole food while you’re in Philadelphia, have no fear. Catahoula specializes in dishes you’d find in New Orleans, with a fancy twist. Items on the menu include soft-shell crab po’ boys and Gouda cheese grits.

Bottle Bar East

If you’re looking for some great nightlife, Fishtown is a fun district to find it. Bottle Bar East is an innovative bar that mimics the selection and display of beer at a convenience store but with the hip feel and great food of a modern restaurant. The Philly Cuban combines local flavor with a classic, and it’ll go great with your drink.

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