Here is a Game of Thrones Food Blog Just Because

HBO's gloriously bloody Game of Thrones may be napping like a tired dragon at the moment, but it will be back in the spring. In the meantime, interest in the show's world continues to grow. This includes their food. As anyone who has ever watched or read GoT knows, food is almost as important in Westeros as naked ladies.

To honor the series' devotion to fanciful medieval grub, there is a food blog that teaches you how to make some notable dishes on your own. Inn at the Crossroads has recipes for honeyed chicken handpies (pictured), rosehip soup and even scones that are shaped like direwolves. You can start preparing for the premiere party now.

Please note, the blog does not include recipes for some of the more outlandish fare from the book such as a gigantic wedding cake filled with hundreds of live doves.

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