Grubwithus Lets Extroverts Eat Meals With Random Strangers

They say eating a meal, or breaking bread, with someone is the ultimate act of solidarity. You get to sit with someone and discuss everything under the sun (except politics, trust me.) You also get to chow down on some delicious grub. What if you have a hankering for some human connection but nobody to go out with? Luckily, there's an app for that.

Grubwithus is a new service that creates tables of strangers at restaurants. All you do is head to the site, pick a table and sign up. You pay via the site so you won't have to awkwardly ask a person you just met for money. That's never fun.

Of course, sitting down to a meal with a bunch of randos isn't everyone's cup of shared tea. I recommend stacking a table with friends and just spending the evening pretending you don't know one another. It'll be like an improv exercise!

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