How to Make Cocos Frios

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On tonight's new episode of Chuck's Eat the Street at 10pm ET, Chuck visits San Juan to taste the tropics on Fortaleza Street. One of his stops is at a street stand called the Coconut Cart where he learns how to drink cold and refreshing coconut water straight from the source.

Cocos Frios
What you need: a coconut and a straw

What you do: Place coconut in a refrigerator, and let stay overnight. Slice open the top, add straw and serve fresh.

Tune in to Chuck's Eat the Street at 10pm ET to see Chuck Hughes catch spiny lobster in the ocean and then turn it into delicious ceviche with coconut cream and lime; cook paella for 80 people in a 54-inch pan; and make traditional mofongo with skirt steak that rivals that of any Puerto Rican grandmother.

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