Hump Day Snack: Cookie Cameos

By: Amanda Marsteller

You might think twice before dunking your way through a sleeve of these Oreos, which feature intricate mini portraits of Victorian era figures inside the cream. The American artist Judith Klausner created an entire collection of the edible cameos as part of her food series, "from scratch." Instead of baking a batch of homemade cookies, Klausner harnesses the convenience of Oreos and uses them as a canvas for her artwork. She applies the same level of detail to other packaged food art projects like gummi stained glass, embroidered toast and wallpaper painted with condiments. Check out her entire "from scratch" series to cull some inspiration the next time you're redecorating your kitchen, or if you're just looking to reinvent your afternoon snack.

Craving a cookie portrait of your own face now? Get the creative juices flowing with these Cooking Channel sandwich cookie recipes:


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