Hump Day Snack: Deep-Fried Coke

By: Amanda Marsteller

If you're frolicking through a hometown carnival this summer season, chances are that you'll be tempted by fried food on sticks in at least ten to twenty different variations. Corn dogs, fried Oreos and fried Twinkies are a dime a dozen, but the evil food geniuses at the Texas State Fair have been conjuring up outrageous new inventions to batter and fry every single year. Past entries have included Texas fried cookie dough, fried jelly beans, fried Kool-Aid, fried butter and a host of other fried Franken-snacks.

My personal favorite? Fried Coca-Cola. I tried the beverage in its fluffy spherical form at a Louisiana rodeo earlier this year, and would happily vouch for it in any fried fair food-off. It's essentially Coke-flavored funnel cake batter that's fried into ribbons or balls and doused with a reduced cola syrup, powdered sugar and whipped cream. In other words, don't knock it till you've tried it and definitely don't overthink it. It's delicious, far from nutritious and essential for those rare summer nights when you let yourself indulge in one too many fried sticks of something or other. So until the next fried butter fair comes to your town, feast your eyes on Devour's guide to crazy carnival food.

To get your fried fix at home, try these recipes for carnival classics:


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