Hump Day Snack: Food-Scented Mail

By: Amanda Marsteller

In case social media didn't already provide you with enough ways to share your meals with the world, yet another new technology now exists to help you brag about your latest edible conquest. Enter in the scent-capturing postcard printer, conceived by a China-based designer as part of Sony's student design workshop. The printer uses an "electronic nose" to capture the fragrances of food and transfer them onto photo paper postcards using aroma-based inks. Peeling away a flap on the back of the image releases the captured smell, meaning you can literally share the wafting scent of your hickory-smoked barbecue with your friends across the world, provided you purchase some stamps. Next thing you know, people will be whipping these printers out in place of smart phones and mailing off their freshly-printed dinner scents left and right. Welcome to the future of food sharing!

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