Hump Day Snack: Furniture Cakes

By: Amanda Marsteller

Overwhelmed by the endless possibilities for home furnishings these days? Edible furniture is the answer. The brainchild of a Japanese product designer and Portuguese interior designer, the molded pan they created mixes traditional Japanese small cakes with a Portuguese egg-based pastry for tasty results worthy of the most luxurious dollhouse. They suggest painting the tiny cakes with your favorite jams and toppings as an alternative way of experiencing furniture. Most importantly though, I think we can all agree that edible home decor would improve the moving process by about a thousand percent. (I'm looking at you IKEA, make it happen.) Until that dream becomes reality, grab a snack-sized lamp to go and Happy Wednesday!

Have a gander at the custom furniture cake mold on the project's site

Then scope out these slightly more traditional molded treats, because you've got to start somewhere:

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