Today in Food Tech: An In-Car Rice Cooker and a Beer-Dispensing Video Game Console

Food and technology are besties. They share notes during class, paint one another's toenails and, on occasion, lie to one another's parents about where they are going. Here are two kind of amazing, kind of bizarre tech-heavy food inventions that will have you salivating microchips.

Have you ever gone out for a drive and sorely wished you could whip up a batch of perfectly cooked rice mid-ride? Of course you have! Japan feels your pain, so they've come out with the  Takeru-kun. This rice cooker uses the magical power of your car's electrical socket to make heaping bowls of delicious, and starchy, rice. Now we just need an in-car wok.

Last, but certainly not least, is a mammoth invention called the Kegerator Hybrid. This beast is a beer keg and tap, a 60-inch television screen, fridge and 140 video games in one. Essentially, it is your nonstop ticket to pure, undiluted alcoholism. Yay technology!


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