iPhone App with Video Reviews of Restaurants

Sure, Yelp and its ilk are great for reading reviews of local eateries. However, they are all missing one thing: the ability to see people gesticulating wildly as they complain about the horrible service at a formerly-favored burger joint. Luckily, a just launched iPhone app solves this problem with finesse.

Tastemade, who you may know from their popular series of YouTube channels, have expanded to the world of iPhone apps. The eponymous app seeks to take all of the muss and fuss out of creating video restaurant reviews. It offers step-by-step prompts that allow users to record an opening, middle and an end. It even allows for the addition of b-roll footage between segments.

It's not just for making videos; it's also for watching them. You can use the free app to search for a desired genre, or particular restaurant, or you can have a curated list beamed to your phone via the magic of technology.

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