Texas Chef Breaks Record For World's Biggest Commercially-Available Pizza

Creating the world's biggest commercially-available pizza is a hotly contested entry in the Guinesss Book of World Records. Pizzaiolas the world over constantly try, and fail, to bake a disc of cheesy goodness so big that it wows even the most cynical pizza fan. For years, Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Los Angeles held the record. No longer!

A group of caterers in San Antonio, Texas, known as The Dirt Road Cookers, recently broke the previously held record. Their pizza clocked in at an astounding 100 pounds and almost 47 square feet. That's like 50 pizza parties.

Head chef and owner Kurt Oefinger says it took almost two years to design and build the oven that would cook this monstrosity. He hopes the record will attract new customers to his catering company. I imagine it will. Everyone loves a pizza the size of a swimming pool.

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