The Food-Focused Bride: Down to the Wire

By: Cameron Curtis

The closer I get to my wedding, the fewer things there are to eat. Most likely this is because I have cut myself off from all of my favorite treats, but it's also because we're done with the tasting, sampling and testing portion of the wedding planning process. From here on out, it's all about printing paper goods, confirming with vendors and corralling the bridal party.

But that doesn't mean I'm not still fixated on these items. Printing all of the menus, the gift bag cards, the church programs and every other piece of information guests might need during the wedding weekend involved an amazing future sister-in-law and a day at Staples.

Yes, I'm already thinking about thank you cards. Why not get those ordered now, before we get back from the honeymoon?I like these nautical-inspired ones from, since I think I'm done DIYing for a while.

My weekend was spent painting anchors onto the canvas welcome bags I ordered. Who knew I was this crafty?

And my nights have really been spent dreaming about this place, our honeymoon destination, as that's where I'll finally be able to relax. Twelve days until I'm a Mrs.

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