Today in Food Tech: a Self-Chilling Wine Glass and All-in-one Sous-vide Circulator

Technology makes the world go round. Well, that and solar physics. Food tech, however, does help the world rethink how we access our favorite room of the house (the kitchen.) Today we are stocking said kitchen with a self-chilling wine class and an all-in-one sous-vide circulator.

First up, the Host Freeze Cooling wine glass. Consider that age-old problem of wanting to drink cold wine but not having the foresight to refrigerate first solved. Pour the wine in and the glass automatically chills it to proper drinking temperature. However, you still have to remember to put these in the refrigerator. Maybe they'll make a gadget to help us do that one day.

Next, the magical and confusing world of sous-vide cooking has finally gotten less mysterious. The Sansaire sous-vide circulator is an easy to use, all-in-one device that will turn you into Mr. or Mrs. Fancypants overnight. All you do is stick it in a pot of water, set the temperature and let the wonders of technology do the rest. It regulates the pot's temperature for perfect sous-vide cooking. You can pre-order one now for $199. (video after the jump.)


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