Nadia G Takes a Bite Out of Austin

By: Cooking Channel
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Nadia G and the Bitchin' Kitchen crew are taking an epic bite out of Austin, Texas, on Cooking Channel's new travel show, Bite This With Nadia G (premiering Tuesday, September 24, at 9:30pm ET.)  There will be shkoffing of the city's best food, a bizarre kidnapping, awkward interviews, mayhem, hilarity and more entertainment than you can shake a shtick at.

Plus, Panos reports on all-natural farming, Hans eats healthy vegan tacos and the Spice Agent uncovers the spicy secrets of Texas rub.

Tune in this Tuesday, September 24, at 9:30pm ET to watch what travel looks like when Nadia G is captain. Watch the trailer after the jump for a taste:

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