Breaking Up is Easy to Do if You Use Specialized Candy

Ending a relationship is one of life's greatest challenges. You can't text. That's just rude. You can't wait around for months hoping to work up the nerve. That's just cowardly. You can, however, give your significant other specialized break-up candy to make the shock go down smoother. Wait, what?

Clean Break candy is a project designed by a graduate student named Kathy Mueller. These faux candies are have a popping aesthetic that just scream "it's not you; it's me." Each variety has a snappy slogan and comes with a card that you can fill in with an applicable break-up reason. Also, bacon and chocolate always go well together.

Even though candy is usually the best idea, I suggest you just sit the person down and talk to them for a while. That tends to work even better than bacon.

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