Hump Day Snack: Food-Themed Sweaters

By: Amanda Marsteller

There may still be a few days left in the summer season, but as we all know, the weather's turning nippy and it's time to face reality and break out the cold-weather wardrobe. Lucky for everyone, a Canadian clothing company has rolled out the perfect product to help you transition into a delicious fall. Hello food and drink-themed sweaters. The giant, colorful prints range in topic from enticingly realistic chocolate chip cookies to coffee beans to candy hearts. So if you dig broccoli and you're not embarrassed to show it on your physical person, these sweaters are ideal for expressing your food-centric personality. As an added bonus, if you drop some stir-fried broccoli on your sweater and leave a stain, it's guaranteed to blend in. Sloppy eaters rejoice.

Have at these snack-inspired duds here. If the cozy sweaters get you in the mood for fall foods, embrace the crisp weather that's coming with a handful of Cooking Channel's best autumnal recipes:

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