Making Oktoberfest Better: The Beer Pipeline

Here in the States, there is plenty of controversy regarding the environmental impact of pipelines being used to transport oil from point A to point B. I'm sure that, no matter our political allegiances, we can all agree that it wouldn't be an issue if said pipeline was transporting beer instead. That is what they do in Germany, after all.

Bars in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, have access to an underground pipeline filled with delicious, refreshing beer. The pipeline stretches over five kilometers and delivers over 14 liters of beer per minute. The beer originates from four cooling centers underneath the city's famous Veltins-Arena.

The pipeline has grown to connect over 100 restaurants and bars, which makes Germany a pretty good place to hang out after the zombie apocalypse. Now if only we can somehow make this work with pizza. Come on science, make it happen.

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