Hump Day Snack: Infused Beer Hack

By: Amanda Marsteller

If your go-to brew is tasting a little bland these days, freshen it up with a flavorful infusion via your trusty French press. Pressing fresh herbs and spices are easy ways to get the flavor party started, or experiment a little further and chuck in some hops from the homebrew store for extra tang and a deeper aroma. Try cacao nibs or ground coffee to mellow out overly sweet beers and fresh fruit peel or slices to brighten up pale ales. Just let the ingredients infuse in the beer for a few minutes or so and then press down the filter to enjoy your reinvigorated suds. Click for a closer look at this delicious drinkable hack.

Now that you've enhanced your brewsky base, try some of Cooking Channel's best beer-infused recipes:

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