Hump Day Snack: Meals Interrupted

By: Amanda Marsteller

For anyone who's ever had an outdoor picnic come under attack by ants, frisbees or other unwelcome intruders, you can now say that you suffered for food art. As part of their "Meals Interrupted" series, a photographer and food stylist (who happen to be married) have created elaborate images of dining tables that have been disrupted by unforeseen disasters. The abandoned food scenes include the colorful aftermath of a cafeteria food-fight, heavy rainfall soaking a youngster's birthday party (above), a fire-ravaged lobster boil, a mobster hit mid-Italian feast and of course, a bee-swarmed picnic blanket. Aside from the mobster hit, I think we can all relate to the crushing loss of so many slices of birthday cake/and or picnic sides due to an unexpected thunderstorm. To view the rest of these delightfully styled yet disastrous dinners, visit the duo's website.

And for more food-related catastrophes, both past and present, see Devour's previous coverage of edible mishaps:

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