Hump Day Snack: iCookie Cutters

By: Amanda Marsteller

If you're an early adopter of all the trendy new gadgets, this here's the latest edible gizmo that you'll want to scoop up for your collection. These German-made stainless steel cookie cutters imprint dough with the shapes and details of an iPhone, meaning they're the ideal kitchen tool for smartphone-obsessed bakers and social media devourers alike. The best bit is that these cookie communicators are completely customizable, so you can decorate to your heart's delight by filling in the icons with colorful icing or candy. Forget iOS7, this is the most exciting advancement in smartphone technology this year -- namely because it's edible and you don't have to wait outside in an endless line to snag one.

Get your hands on these crafty cookie cutters (plus the retro mix tape version) here, and see below for more creative cookie ideas from Cooking Channel:

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