A Kitchen Knife Made From a New Kind of Matter

What is it that NASA does? Sure, they put a man on the moon and consistently do things that us mere mortals could never even imagine, but what have they done for our kitchens? Besides astronaut food, not a whole not. This is about to change, thanks to a series of cutlery created with a brand new type of matter.

NASA and Caltech both played a hand in discovering what is now known as amorphous alloys or amorphous metals. These structures may look and act a lot like metal but, on an atomic level, they tend to better resemble glass. It all has to do with nano-particles and other fancy words that remind me of old X-Files episodes. Aside from the science lab, these alloys haven't found much real world use. Now a company called VMatter Cutlery has produced some kitchen knives using the metals and the results have been pretty astounding.

The knives, which come in a variety of sizes and editions, are said to never need sharpening, thanks to the changed atomic structure. It is also said that they resist rust and all manner of corrosion. It is also said they have gained sentience and will prepare mise en plase before you even ask for it. Just kidding about that last one. These knives sure do seem cool though.

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