Now There Are Tea-Scented Pens Because Ink Smells Weird

Sure, our society may be on a rapid collision course with an all-digital age, but that doesn't mean writing instrument technology has to drop to a standstill. Here's a beverage-themed pen that may just get you back to creating handwritten notes to let your parents know how camp is going.

Lipton and Japanese stationary company Zebra have teamed up to release a line of pens that smell exactly like tea. There are ten scents in all, ranging from simple black tea to more exotic fare like caramel au lait. These are the perfect writing utensils for getting a caffeine buzz on without actually getting a caffeine buzz on.

The line was released as a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Zebra's Sarasa Clip pens. They will be sold one pen at a time for around $1.60 and in packs of five for around $8. Now you'll have no excuse for not responding to the last letter you got in 1996.

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