This Restaurant Gives You a Discount to Give Up Your Phone

Smartphones are great. They let us keep in touch with everyone we've ever known at all times no matter what. This is also why they are awful. How many times have you tried to socialize only to find everyone around you staring at screens? One restaurant in Beirut is trying to do something about this modern scourge against societal norms.

Beirut's Bedivere Eatery and Tavern is giving a discount across their entire menu to anyone who hands in their phone upon entering. It's their way to encourage talking and discourage talking. Severing the cord for a couple of hours will net you ten percent off your check. Not bad, but those candies aren't going to get crushed by themselves.

This concept isn't new, but it's nice to know more eateries are thinking of ways to get people to put their phones away.

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