Smell Like Breakfast All Day With Toast-Scented Perfume

It used to be that perfumes had one singular purpose: To make you smell like a weird amalgamation of musky flowers and your grandmother's nightstand. Nowadays, however, there are all kinds of ironic fragrances competing for space on your dresser. Some of them even smell like food.  Hold on to your plates, because here is another one that also may cause hunger pangs.

It's called Eau de Toast. Guess what it smells like? This toast-scented perfume was recently featured at London's Fashion Week and was created by Federation of Bakers as a way to remind fashionistas about the importance of yummy carbs in their diet (really.) Reports indicate it actually does smell like toast, which leaves me hopeful for one day being able to experience an entire breakfast in perfume-form.

If you want a vial of your own, you are out of luck. Eau de Toast was extremely popular and sold out almost immediately. You'll have to settle for bacon-scented air freshener. 


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