Today in Food Tech: Chopstick Straws and Your Very Own Ice Goblet

Back in the old days we cooked massive dinosaur steaks on an open flame and 'drove' by standing in a car and running really fast along the street. Thanks to the relentless forward thrust of technology, those days are gone. Now we experience food in ways that lovable oaf Fred Flinstone could have never imagined. Here is what's new in food tech.

First up, quite possibly the simplest and most amazing advancement in ramen-consumption ever conceived. Introducing Soup Sticks, a concept design that blends chopstick and straw. They are functional chopsticks that also double as straws for big time slurping. Why has nobody thought of this before?!

Next, we've all daydreamed about gloriously sipping beer out of a giant mug made entirely of ice but, until now, it's just never been feasible. Here is the nICE Mug (clever naming, guys.) It's not a mug so much as it is actually a mold of one. You fill the mold up with water, stick it in the freezer and soon you'll be living large like a viking or a sentient polar bear. You can pre-order one for $25, or learn how to make your own icy bev holder on the web-original series Good to Know.


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