A Video Game That Rewards Healthy Eating

When we envision the perfect things to eat while playing video games, we can't help but conjure up pizza slices, potato chips and, sometimes, pizza slices with potato chips on top. One Japanese scientist, however, has taken on the lonely task of trying to change all of that. He's made a tech-heavy video game intended to promote healthy eating.

Dr. Takayuki Kosaka of the  Kanagawa Institute of Technology has created Food Practice Shooter (abbreviated to FPS.) How does it get you to eat your broccoli? Through an extremely convoluted system that includes scales to measure what you are eating, cameras and microphones to view and listen to your chews and, finally, a gun peripheral that converts this information to in-game ammo.

The game was being demoed at last week's Tokyo Game Show and, by all accounts, was quite a hit. However, due to all of the hardware required to get this thing to work, don't expect it to show up at Gamestop anytime soon.


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