Get Ready to Start Seeing Advertisements Printed on Meat


We certainly do live in an ad-crazy world, don't we? You can't watch a movie, leave the house or use a program on your smartphone without seeing one. At least chomping down on grub is, thankfully, promotion free. That could all be changing soon, however. Introducing ads that are printed on meat. 

This idea is the brainchild of industrial designer Ivy Hu. She used a state of the art laser cutter to etch an advertisement on to a raw steak. The ad was for a web development class, but could have been for just about anything under the sun. Let's all welcome the rise of mass meat-ia. Sigh.

Now that the tech is here, maybe we'll finally start seeing golden arches stamped right on burgers or salmonella warnings etched into chicken breasts. The future is a mysterious and wonderful place.


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